My Top 5 Go-To Songs

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHave you ever felt so strongly connected to a song that no matter how many times you listen to it, that song just seems to speak to you again and again?

I know that there are certain songs that I will always go back to whenever I need a spiritual pick-me-up. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve listened to that same song, I either always feel like God is saying something new to me through it, or I’m reminded of how I experienced God through that song the first time I heard it and how I continue to experience Him through it even now.

I don’t know what those songs might be for you, but these are my top 5 pick-me-up songs (in no particular order) that I always go back to whenever I’m down.

  1. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) // Hillsong UNITED

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This is probably one of the most overplayed songs on all Christian stations (it’s still on the Billboard charts despite being released three years ago). I’ve heard this song many times before (and you probably have too) but every time I listen to it again, I always feel a great wave of comfort fall over me. Something about it always seems to spark a new sense of faith and confidence from within me.

2. You Make Me Brave // Bethel Music

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Personally, I feel like this song is the Oceans of Bethel Music. The bridge is a simple yet powerful declaration – the kind that heightens my faith in knowing that my courage comes from Him. Also, like Oceans, this song always removes all fear and brings about a wave of peace and confidence whenever I find myself feeling anxious.

3. Letting Go // Bethel Music

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If I were to rank these songs in order, this would probably be at the top. Letting Go, sung by ginger-haired Steffany Gretzinger, has gotten me through many rough periods in my recent years (beginning with my first real heartbreak right up to now). Her album, The Undoing, is one of my most-listened to albums of all times. This song is definitely my favourite off of the album. It reminds me of His faithfulness and the need for me to let go of the unnecessary things in my life and to remain in Him instead.

4. Closer // Bethel Music

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This is another one of my favourite songs from Bethel Music. It talks about coming closer to God and knowing Him more. This is definitely a song for when I’m going through seasons where I feel like I’m either hungry for more of God, or for when I realise that I’m getting distant from Him and need to find my way back.

5. O Come To The Altar // Elevation Worship

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I love how this songs talks about coming to God just as you are, no matter how broken or imperfect you may be, and just laying it all down in front of Him. This song will always remind me of when I went through a rough week a while ago. I remember getting my breakthrough at the end of that week when they sang this song at church that Sunday.

There are many other songs that have gotten me through many seasons in this journey with Christ but I chose these songs as my Top 5 because they have helped me grow further in my faith in a way that I can’t even begin to explain or understand.

What are your Top 5 songs?