CCM Hip-Hop Week

photo-1468141589425-dcddef77ddadI’ve recently discovered a wider range of CCM genres other than the usual Worship artists and bands that I typically listen to, and to my surprise, I found myself actually enjoying them! Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not that I despise listening to songs of a different genre, but I’ve just always had a certain style of music that I’m more attracted to. Take the metal genre for example – I don’t hate it, but I’m just not typically the kind that would listen to it on a daily basis.

With my new discovery of other CCM genres, I felt the need to feature them on this blog. So, beginning today, I’ll be having genre-specific weeks that will feature artists and bands from within that genre  – beginning with hip-hop this week!

I’ve recently been getting into some secular and non-secular hip-hop artists. So I’m pretty excited to check-out the CCM hip-hop genre more in depth! I’ll admit though, the CCM hip-hop genre leaves me feeling pretty conflicted at times. On one hand, you have the angst-ridden voice spitting out all these lines, but on the other hand, its lyrics are laced with Christian-influenced truths. But overall, I’m pretty excited to learn more about CCM hip-hop and the artists within this genre, so stay tuned!