NF // CCM Hip-Hop Artist Feature


Christian rapper, NF. Picture from Apple Music.

Nathan “Nate” Feuerstein, better known as NF, is one of the top names in the CCM hip-hop industry. He started rapping at the age of 12, but only started making his own music when he turned 15. At the young age of 25, NF has not only released a self-titled EP, but also has two Billboard chart-topping albums to his name – Mansion and Therapy Session.

NF was born and raised in Gladwin, Michigan and he grew up having endured a rough childhood. For one, NF was raised by his father as his parents were divorced. Also, his mother was semi-absent from his life as she was often under the influence of drugs. In 2009, his mother succumbed to an accidental drug overdose. In his song titled How Could You Leave Us, NF openly talks about his frustration and anger towards his mothers drug abuse in a very raw and emotional way.


NF on tour. Picture from Instagram, @nfrealmusic.

NF’s songs are a mixture of his real-life experiences, his struggles, and his faith. In Grindin’, he addresses how most rappers chase after the fame but he doesn’t want to be put in the same box as them. Instead, he wants to work to be recognised and he wants to do what he does for his fans. Unlike most other Christian rappers, NF isn’t afraid to write love songs. In an interview with Houston Chronicle, NF talks about his song Only One and how “a lot of Christian music fans get upset when a Christian artist writes love songs, but it’s not like Christians aren’t in romantic relationships, too, right?” He isn’t shy to admit that he has that he has had relationship problems like everyone else and he isn’t afraid to talk about it.

After listening to his albums, I can say that I enjoy NF’s music and how real he is in addressing his struggles and pain through his songs. I may not be able to personally relate to his songs, and they may not necessarily be about happy things, but I do appreciate how genuine he is. Throughout his albums, you will find lyrics that point towards his faith and he isn’t afraid to admit that even though he’s a Christian, he still has struggles too.

NF is currently on his nationwide Therapy Session Tour, with some dates already sold out. His music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and on his VEVO YouTube channel, NFVEVO, as well as his own personal YouTube channel, NFrealmusic. He also has a free single titled Warm Up out now.