Capital Kings // CCM EDM Artist Feature


Capital Kings. Picture taken from

Capital Kings is a Christian EDM act that is made up of duo Cole Walowac and Dylan Housewright. The uniqueness of their style of music, which consists of a mix of pop, electronic, hip-hop and even dubstep influences, makes them standout from the rest of the pack.

Originally, Capital Kings was made up of Cole Walowac and John White, who has since then left the band to pursue his own solo music career. Capital Kings has been around in the music industry since 2010.

Capital Kings has two albums to their name, one being a self-titled album, and another, II, whilst also collaborating with several other big names such as TobyMac.
They are currently on tour, with stops in several international countries such as Canada, Sweden, and even Netherlands. There is no word on a new album from this duo, but they have released a new song titled I Can’t Quit that features rapper Reconcile.

I enjoy the unique sound that Capital Kings produces, it definitely makes them standout as it is different from most Christian EDM groups out there. I feel like a few of their songs are pretty congregation-friendly – depending on the kind of congregation of course. But I can definitely see their music being sung and danced to during praise parties, especially at youth camps!

I’m looking forward to hearing more from this duo in the future. Unfortunately, they won’t be stopping by in California anytime soon but fingers crossed, I’ll be able to see them live one day!