Urban Rescue // CCM EDM Artist Feature


Urban Rescue. Picture from urbanrescuemusic.com

Urban Rescue is a 3-man band from Los Angeles, California. Fronted by Jordan Frye, they are the first ever act to be signed to Rend Family Records, a label partnership between Irish CCM band Rend Collective and Capitol Christian Music Group. They started off as a band in 2009, releasing a few independent albums and EPs along the way whilst gaining a following. It was not until early 2016 that they released a their most notable EP titled Wild Heart with Rend Family Records and Capitol CMG. A few months later, Urban Rescue released a full-length studio album of the same title with Sparrow Records, Rend Family Records and Capitol CMG. 

Their debut album was highly successful. It charted at #1 on the Christian Music charts in both the US and the UK. The band toured with Rend Collective earlier this year in the Spring and was also a part of the Outcry Tour this past summer. Upon your first look at them, you would not think that Urban Rescue played EDM music, but these guys will surprise you with their gifts and talents.

On their website, it states that their mission is to “inspire the next generation of believers to see their churches, communities, and cities awakened by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” I love that. I love how they are trying to empower the next generation to rise up in faith and to go out and impact their communities. I also love how it says on their website that their passion for worship comes out of a place of pain and trials – this shows how real they are and how dependent they are on Christ. I know most of the time, my best worship moments have come out of a place of pain and dependence on God.

One of my favourite songs by Urban Rescue has to be “His Name.” Although it is a pretty slow song compared to usual EDM tracks, I love how this song talks about the power of Christ and who He is – a healer and a Father who is full of mercy. Their more fast-paced songs like “Never Stop” are big hits as well, with over 700,000 plays on Spotify to date.

Overall, I would say that Urban Rescue is a band that I would listen to again. As someone who does not really listen to EDM artists, I can safely say that I like Urban Rescue’s vibe and their mission. It is on the slightly more laid back side of the EDM genre, so maybe that’s why I like it more than usual EDM artists.