5 Christmas Tracks You Have to Listen To This Season

mxvgsosnpx0-tom-rickhussIt’s finally December, which means that you can finally declare your love for Christmas and blast all the Christmas tunes as loud as you want without feeling like you’re being judged by the people around you! Who are they to question your love for Christmas anyway? In fact, unless they’re the Grinch, how can someone not love this season?

I, for one, am so excited! There’s just something so magical about this time of the year. I tend to feel more peaceful and joyful as well! Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment and growth after having overcome all the obstacles from this part year? Or maybe its the feeling of relief that the year is finally coming to an end and that I can look forward to a new start in the next year? Whatever it is, Christmas is always my favorite time of the year!

Many Christian artists and bands tend to release Christmas albums and tracks around this time of the year too. Some release original albums or singles, while some reinvent Christmas classics into a totally new song or genre. This can sound a little alarming, but there are some notable artists who are able to successfully bring their own spin to these classic tunes without butchering them! Here are a few notable Christmas tracks that you should give a listen to this Christmas season.

1. Noel (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle // Chris Tomlin

In this slowed down version of a Christmas classic, Lauren Daigle lends her strong and powerful voice to sing and do this song justice at the same time. This version of Noel sounds fairly different from the classic, but doesn’t stray too far away to the point where it is unrecognizable. You’ll be sure to get into the worship spirit this Christmas season with this song.

2. Little Drummer Boy // For King & Country

Known for their folk-rock sound, For King & Country adds their own style to this old-school Christmas tune, giving it a more updated sound. In true For King & Country style, this song also features fun oh’s and shouts here and there. This is a fun one to listen to!

3. Winter Snow // Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad first released this original track in 2010 but re-released a newer version this year with a fresh new sound. If you’re in more of a reflective mood, then this is one that you’ll want to listen to! Bonus – Midwinter, her take on “In The Bleak Midwinter” is worth giving a listen to as well!

4. O Holy Night // Lauren Daigle

O Holy Night is one of my favorite songs to listen to around this time of the year, I dare say that it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs ever! Lauren Daigle’s jazzy rendition of this song makes me fall in love with it all over again. Her voice, so full of soul and emotion, makes worthy of being featured twice on this list!

5. Joy To The World (You Are My Joy) // Rend Collective

Like For King & Country, Rend Collective also has a very specific sound to distinguish themselves from others. As part of their Campfire Christmas album in 2014, Rend Collective recorded a bunch of Christmas classics, some with original lyrics added to them, and added their own flare to it. Rend Collective’s soft-folk sound makes their album perfect to listen to around a fire when you’re winding down after a busy Christmas day.

BONUS –  O Come Let Us Adore Him // Pentatonix

Alright, so Pentatonix isn’t actually a Christian group, but their rendition of O Come Let Us Adore Him isn’t only fresh and fun, but also highly creative. Their whole album, in general, is worth giving a listen to because of how different they sound!