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img_03f11920b4e5-1Here I am, on a Saturday afternoon, sitting in a coffee shop (Blue Bottle in Palo Alto, if you’re wondering) just penning my thoughts down. It’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks – which explains my absence from this blog. Having to juggle personal stuff, school (it’s midterm season!), an internship, leadership responsibilities with a Christian Fellowship on campus, and serving on a worship team is no easy task. Especially when I’ve been falling sick here and there throughout this period (I’m currently sick, again). Continue reading


Bethel Music Wins Four Dove Awards


                              Jonathan and Melissa Helser. Photo taken from

The Bethel Music artists and team scored four Dove Awards at the 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards on Tuesday. The Dove Awards, which recognises outstanding achievements and excellence in the Christian music industry, took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

As mentioned, Bethel Music took home four awards from different categories during the ceremony. The first was Worship Song of the Year for Jonathan and Melissa Helser’s song, No Longer Slaves, second was Inspirational Album of the Year Continue reading

Capital Kings // CCM EDM Artist Feature


Capital Kings. Picture taken from

Capital Kings is a Christian EDM act that is made up of duo Cole Walowac and Dylan Housewright. The uniqueness of their style of music, which consists of a mix of pop, electronic, hip-hop and even dubstep influences, makes them standout from the rest of the pack.

Originally, Capital Kings was made up of Cole Walowac and John White, who has since then left the band to pursue his own solo music career. Capital Kings has been around in the music industry since 2010.

Continue reading


photo-1443745029291-d5c27bc0b562This week, I’ll be featuring several EDM artists on this blog. I know, you’re probably thinking, “there’s such a thing as Christian EDM?” and I’m here to tell you, yes. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that there are quite a number of Christian EDM artists and bands out there.

I’ve listened to a few Christian EDM artists and I just love how lively and dancey their music sounds. I think EDM music in general just makes you feel that way, but Christian EDM differs in the message behind the lyrics. Continue reading

Propaganda // CCM Hip-Hop Artist Feature


Propaganda. Picture from Relevant Magazine.

Propaganda (real name Jason Emmanuel Petty) hails from Los Angeles, California and has been in the Christian Hip-Hop industry since 2002. Propaganda is talented in many areas, not only is he a successful rapper, but he is also a spoken word artist, poet, and was once a youth pastor. Growing up, he was often teased for the color of his skin – first when his family moved to a predominantly violent Mexican neighborhood, then again when they were known as the “poor black family” by their neighbors after having moved to the suburbs.

With five albums to his name, Propaganda has had quite the journey since his debut with the underground hip-hop collective, Tunnel Rats in Continue reading

NF // CCM Hip-Hop Artist Feature


Christian rapper, NF. Picture from Apple Music.

Nathan “Nate” Feuerstein, better known as NF, is one of the top names in the CCM hip-hop industry. He started rapping at the age of 12, but only started making his own music when he turned 15. At the young age of 25, NF has not only released a self-titled EP, but also has two Billboard chart-topping albums to his name – Mansion and Therapy Session.

NF was born and raised in Gladwin, Michigan and he grew up having endured a rough childhood. For one, NF was raised by his father as his parents were divorced. Also, his Continue reading

CCM Hip-Hop Week

photo-1468141589425-dcddef77ddadI’ve recently discovered a wider range of CCM genres other than the usual Worship artists and bands that I typically listen to, and to my surprise, I found myself actually enjoying them! Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not that I despise listening to songs of a different genre, but I’ve just always had a certain style of music that I’m more attracted to. Take the metal genre for example – I don’t hate it, but I’m just not typically the kind that would listen to it on a daily basis.

With my new discovery of other CCM genres, I felt the need to feature them on this blog. So, beginning today, I’ll be having genre-specific weeks that will feature artists and bands from within that genre  – beginning with hip-hop this week! Continue reading