Hillsong UNITED Performs ‘Oceans’ on ‘The Today Show’

Hillsong UNITED performing on 'The Today Show.' Picture from

Hillsong UNITED performing on ‘The Today Show.’ Picture from Twitter, @klgandhoda.

This morning, Hillsong UNITED appeared on The Today Show again, where they were briefly interviewed by hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda about their trip to Israel where they recorded their latest album, Of Dirt And Grace.

They also mentioned the release of their movie, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise which is to be released in cinemas nationwide in a few weeks. Finally, they of course did not leave without performing a song of theirs. This time, the band chose to grace the audience with a shortened version of their hit song, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail). Continue reading


Anticipating The Hillsong Movie

IMG_5132If you’re familiar with the CCM scene, then you’ve definitely heard of Hillsong – a church that had its humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia and later went on to plant churches globally in places such as South Africa, Europe, and America. The Hillsong Church’s music ministry is well-known worldwide, with Hillsong UNITED being the most recognisable one out of all of them. UNITED started out as a part of their youth ministry but over the years, and with more than eleven albums under their belt, UNITED has gone on to influence millions from around the world with their songs. Continue reading