Lauren Daigle to Appear on Good Morning America

may24ld-insetIt’s been announced that Lauren Daigle is set to appear on Good Morning America on December 29th. Although there’s no word yet on what she’ll be singing, she is scheduled to head into their studio to perform live.

Lauren recently completed her solo debut tour to sold-out venues and is currently on tour with For King & Country on their A For King & Country Christmas Tour in support of her Christmas album, Behold. She was also honored with her second GRAMMY nomination for her song “Trust In You” from her album How Can It Be. Continue reading


5 Christmas Tracks You Have to Listen To This Season

mxvgsosnpx0-tom-rickhussIt’s finally December, which means that you can finally declare your love for Christmas and blast all the Christmas tunes as loud as you want without feeling like you’re being judged by the people around you! Who are they to question your love for Christmas anyway? In fact, unless they’re the Grinch, how can someone not love this season?

I, for one, am so excited! There’s just something so magical about this time of the year. I tend to feel more peaceful and joyful as well! Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment and growth after having overcome all the obstacles from this part year? Continue reading